Southend Arterial Road, A127
Gallows Corner, Romford, Essex

We were advised by a local firm of Chartered Surveyors that three of the leading motor manufactures in Romford were seeking larger dealership facilities in the Gallows Corner area. All three had outgrown their existing dealerships. We were aware that an owner occupier of a 4-story office building, fronting the Southend Arterial Road, was considering selling their property.

From discussions with the planners, we were told a new motor dealership development would be supported on the A127, particularly if it tidied up the old 1970’s buildings that were there. We also spoke with the Department of Transport about closing four separate access points onto the A127 Trunk Road. We then created a new access from the A127 East bound Dual Carriageway with an exit through the proposed development back onto Bryant Avenue. We agreed terms with the owners of the office building and entered into discussions with the occupiers of the industrial buildings, some of whom entered into option agreements and others agreed terms to sell unconditionally.

We visited the market representation departments of the three motor manufacturers to discuss their specific requirement and agreed terms with Honda Plc to work with them. Honda then made a planning application and purchased our legal interest.